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The NZ Building Economist... A Native Bee-Building Story

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

New Zealand Building Economist is a mouthful to say

It naturally shortens to N-Z-Be-E in a day

But what does this mean phonetically?

Is there such a thing as a native NZ Bee?

NZ Native bees

30 pollinators in all

Please meet them now

Not one of them is tall


Only four varieties

4-8mm long

Our smallest of bees

Hylaeus yellow markings

On all seven types

A little bigger

than our Lasio-Mites

The Leioproctus 18

includes 17 All Blacks

The orange one is Fulvescens

A South Island Full Back

Mistaken for flies

I have to report

They do not make honey

of any sort

Their value is in pollinating

plants and trees

To grow timber and fruit

For the economy

But that’s 29,

not the 30 you say?

We have included ourselves

As Native Be-E’s all the way

Cost data our pollen for

Building trade rates

buzzing 50 years

Pollinating Estimates

Here’s an artist’s impression

By David Pearson, house painter

Of Leioproctus Fulvescens

On digital paper

1 comment

1 Comment

Ben Bradshaw
Ben Bradshaw
Jul 09, 2019

Nice Poem!

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