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New Zealand Building Economist - Regional House Costs 1974 to 2021. [NEW 2021]

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

We are proud to launch a new product utilising our historic database of published building cost information.

· Regional House Costs $/m2 GFA for a STANDARD House Specification.

· Recommended for historic house cost researchers.

· Downloadable Excel File with Graph and Table for Regional House Cost rates $/m2 GFA of the STANDARD House Specification as published in the New Zealand Building Economist magazine: 90-130m2. 3 bedrooms, level site, timber piles, weatherboard, insulated walls and ceilings, corrugate roofing, carpet, vinyl, joinery.

· Rates are those published for the first quarter of

each year.

· Price $195.00. [View Products]

“Celebrating 50 years of New Zealand Building Economist 1972 to 2021”

By Matthew Ensoll


Editor New Zealand Building Economist.


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