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Teamwork Leadership, starts with YOU

Updated: Sep 30, 2023

We are all Leaders

We are all leaders. We start by leading ourselves with challenges that make us learn and perform better. Then we lead by our positive self-leadership inspiring others, nearby, to lift their game to want to achieve as we have achieved. Then we lead teams by being trusted to lead others as a team, in support of the wider mission, at a scale beyond the capacity of the individual.

I believe GREAT can only be achieved by teamwork leadership. By identifying with an individual's strengths while accommodating their weaknesses. By learning to trust and delegate. By learning to connect with people, give them an open say, search for ways to help them grow, and to support them, no matter what. By backing your team, you free them to do their very best work, while they dare to fail, trying to succeed.

People are smart, have diverse knowledge and unique talents. I love learning from my team, and they love teaching me, displaying their strengths. Teamwork Leadership empowers the individual team members to all lead themselves and support their teammates on the mission. They do this because they had a say in defining the shared mission, making the shared mission, their own personal mission. The individual cannot succeed personally, until the mission is accomplished, and this drives the effort they put into their own work and the work of their teammates.

Warren Hollings and Matthew Ensoll with a copy of Warren's book, titled;

Stand and Deliver: Leadership and the power of teamwork.

Teamwork Leadership (with Warren Hollings)

"Teamwork is the marriage of many individuals. While it is critical to get everyone working together, people work best when their own unique skills and diversities are accepted and used.

Team members want to see their talents used to the maximum and they also want a share in the decision making.

A true leader, as they mould the team together, is constantly aware of the value of the individual as well as the needs of the team.

As the team works together and tastes success, they tend to help each other get to another level. Only teamwork can do this.

If you help people get better at their job, they will help and contribute more. If you involve them more, they will think, innovate, and improve more while building respect and trust; and if you trust, they will take on responsibility, perform at even higher levels allowing the tough situations to become more manageable.

This to me is the essence of high-performance teamwork and ultimate delivery."

The Privilege of Leadership

The privilege of leadership allows us to enjoy seeing people grow under our influence. The responsibility of leadership reminds us that to ensure we never fail those we lead, we must always strive to become better leaders. Great leaders grow through learning to see the big picture in everything. The alchemist leader is someone who transforms things for the better.

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By Matthew Ensoll


Editor New Zealand Building Economist.


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