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Quantity Surveyor in the News - March 2021

Updated: Sep 30, 2023

[1] Big-hearted builders ensure paralysed father of four can return home by finishing vital work for free. The 58-year-old quantity surveyor said it was ‘just brilliant’ that so many volunteers, neighbours and strangers had come together to give him and his boys a helping hand at such a difficult time. UK. [NZBE Link]

[2] A single mother who works as a quantity surveyor to support her 9-year-old son Jamie, has to have a cancerous growth removed in the coming months but Canterbury DHB will not fund reconstructive surgery whereas other DHB’s would. Gina Woods is discriminated against because of where she lives in NZ. [NZBE Link]

[3] Leap of faith: How long jumper Anna Grimaldi hauled herself back from the brink. Stuff Writer Marc Hinton brings us news of my favourite Kiwi QS Olympian. “Anna burst on to the scene with that surprise gold medal in the T47 long jump at the 2016 Rio Paralympics. It was an achievement that changed Grimaldi’s life, too. Before then she had toyed with sport playing a principal role in her life, but after Rio (where she also raced the 100m) the chance to be a fulltime athlete opened up and she, well, jumped at it.” Then injury, long recovery, lots of doubts, hard work,… an uplifting story. NZ. [NZBE Link]

[4] Keen rabbiter seeks pastures new. Dunedin QS Kyle Boekhout placed ads in the Otago Daily Times about six months ago seeking places in East Otago to hunt rabbits, free. He would often return to his ute to find a dozen eggs or a feed of whitebait on the passenger seat of his ute — "a token to say thanks". NZ. [NZBE Link]

[5] Rebecca O'Brien a female quantity surveyor has shared her story of working her way up in the construction industry — often being the only women in a room. Her family have all worked in construction and she was still in college when a family friend asked her to offer an industry training role to any of the boys she knew. At that point, she asked: "What about me?" Rebecca goes on to talk of breaking stereotypes in the construction industry. UK. [NZBE Link]

[6] Surveyors mark International Women’s Day with new mentoring programme. Ireland. [NZBE Link]

[7] Introducing Audrey O'Connor: quantity surveyor turned pilates guru. Career change: When Audrey worked as a quantity surveyor in Toronto, she had back pain. "It was from bad posture and long hours looking over architectural drawings," says Audrey. Canada. [NZBE Link]

[8] Gaya Paranisamy (QS). Get to know the new National President of the United Nations Association of New Zealand. [NZBE Link]

[9] Building Advice: Do I need a quantity surveyor? Expert builder Kieran McCarthy answers your queries. Ireland [NZBE Link]

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By Matthew Ensoll

Life Member NZIQS. Reg.QS.

Editor New Zealand Building Economist.


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