NZS3910:2013 The Search for Variations - a quick reference guide

We have prepared an Excel formatted table of NZS3910:2013 references to variation clauses. Each is identified with the required Notice clause, the conditions that must occur to trigger the variation event including if the “not reasonably foreseeable” test must be met.

Formatted to print on two A3 sheets, set up with table filters, this tool is a quick reference guide to location, learning, and assessing which clause gives rise to an entitlement to a variation.

Use it to locate and research NZS3910 variation trigger clauses in more detail to gain a better understanding of the entitlement options and rules.

e.g. search for the word "late" to find each reference to clauses that trigger a variation relating to an action being late.

NZS3910'2013 the search for Variations 22 Jul 2021
Download XLSX • 104KB

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