Building for Success Continues...

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

Building Consents for 3,176 dwellings were issued in December 2019. The equivalent of 37,795 dwellings PA.

In the last three years our population has grown from 4,725,200 to 4,951,500. That’s 226,200 people needing 30,160 dwellings pa. (226,200 people / 3 years = 75,400 people PA / the national average of 2.5 people per dwelling = 30,160 new dwellings PA). This level of monthly dwelling consents was achieved back in May 2016, reducing our housing crisis shortage since, by 14,000 dwellings.

With Building Consents trending towards 41,600 dwellings per annum by December 2021, in another 7.5 years, NZ Inc. will have built 100,000 dwellings over and above current population growth needs. The private sector is delivering what NZ needs, a building success story.

By Matthew Ensoll Editor, The New Zealand Building Economist (NZBE).


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